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Hey everybody! I have a favor to ask of you guys. I’ve just started working with Kitsy Lane, an online jewelry boutique that has beautiful jewelry and a few accessories as well such as sunglasses and scarves. 

Anyway, I made a post a while ago about how I’m kind of in a shitty situation when it comes to my mental health, and have been trying to find a way to get out of this shitty situation and better my life and myself. 

Well, I stumbled across Kitsy Lane, and I researched it and it seems pretty legit and fantastic, and I just thought it was a really awesome and easy way for me to do something I love and also work towards bettering my life. 

So, if ya’ll could please, share this post and maybe take a peak over at my boutique and look around, and if there’s anything you like, don’t hesitate to purchase it, and also pass me on to your friends and family?

I hate asking for things, but hey, we’ll both get something out of this, and the jewelry is pretty awesome. Thanks guys, I appreciate any support I get! 

So Pinterest has that new “Explore Interests” category, and I was looking through mine and waaaaay at the bottom of the page is Jensen Ackles and his fine booty. 

So Pinterest has that new “Explore Interests” category, and I was looking through mine and waaaaay at the bottom of the page is Jensen Ackles and his fine booty. 



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stop falling for corporations’ exploitation of the queer rights movement….burger king isn’t wrapping burgers in rainbow paper to show support for us they’re doing it to make money. don’t let our movement turn into another part of capitalism

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Pretty much…


Pretty much…

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Slam fucking dunked

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how DARE u get tattoos and piercings and make decisions about what to do to YOUR own body just who the heck do u think u are

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why do you care if people have tattoos and piercings or if people don’t wanna shave their legs or who people wanna fuck with

literally why do you care what someone else does with their own body if they’re not hurting anyone

it doesn’t affect you and there are a lot better things for you to actually give a fuck about

y’all got to work on your fucks budget, spend your fucks more wisely

ration all y’alls fucks

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